PhD Students

Wadih Renno


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Wadih is a PhD candidate at Desautels Faculty of Management (McGill) in the field of Strategy and Organization. He holds a BE in Computer and Communications Engineering, and an MBA from the American University of Beirut. Prior to joining the program, Wadih worked for ten years in research, project management, sales, non-profit management and fundraising. Interested in understanding how people collaborate in different situations and what role technology plays in that process, Wadih has presented his work at the Academy of Management (AOM).


Paolo is a PhD Candidate in Management at McGill University in the Strategy and Organization area. He holds an M.Phil. in Innovation, Strategy & Organization from Cambridge University and a Laurea Magistrale in Giurisprudenza (5-year law degree) from UniversitĂ  Roma Tre. Paolo's research examines the organizational dynamics underlying scientific and technological innovation, with a particular focus on the functioning, construction, and implications of knowledge production processes. Particularly, in his dissertation, he draws on ethnographic methods to study how experts organize and leverage new technologies to enforce open science practices, and how the adoption of these practices reconfigures the knowledge experts produce. He presented his dissertation work at major management, organization, and innovation conferences (e.g., AOM, EGOS, OUI), and part of its theoretical grounding has appeared in Academy of Management Review.

Anand Bhardwaj


Anand is a PhD student in Management at McGill University in the field of Strategy and Organization. He's interested in qualitative research on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in organizational knowledge and knowing. He holds a prior PhD in Computational Systems Biology from Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. Prior to joining McGill, he was an AI Strategist and Data Scientist with Accenture, where designed and executed both AI algorithms and organizational digital transformations at multiple North American Fortune 500 companies.